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Sarcoma Research

Thank you!

Thank you!

Nearly $300,000 has been raised since the Fund was created in December 2020

Achievements 2022
-Establishment of a registry on sarcomas.
-Development of training offered to general practitioners to better detect sarcomas.
-Creation of a biobank to store blood tissue samples essential for basic research.
-Development of 3 retrospective studies on leiomyosarcomas and desmoid tumors.

Objectives for 2023
Development of major basic research that will span several years and will provide a better understanding of the biology of sarcomas in order to identify and experiment with promising drugs.

Target amount for 2023: $100,000
The achievements made and future projects allow us to keep hope alive. Help us support the funding of sarcoma research at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital.

Despite the recent death of Robert Lafontaine, co-founder of the Fund and father of Pascal, Éric, his brother, and myself, his mother, continue our commitment to this cause that is close to our hearts. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Pierrette Tétreault

Éric Lafontaine

Pascal T Lafontaine

Pascal T Lafontaine

His Passion

-Pascal lived his life intensely as if he knew it would be cut short. He devoted himself to any activity he took on with passion and determination.
-As a teenager, he explored acting. After getting a few small roles, he gave up this path for lack of enthusiasm.
-Pascal played different sports, but it was in BMX that he found his real passion.
-A high level rider, in 2015, Pascal learned that he would have to have his leg amputated due to a very aggressive cancer: sarcoma. He was 22 years old.

The Treatments

-The toxic and grueling chemotherapy treatments forced Pascal to put his university studies and his passion for BMX on hold.
-One year after the amputation the cancer returned. Pascal learned then that there was no cure.
-For 5 years Pascal remained hopeful. His family’s efforts in researching and obtaining access to experimental treatments allowed Pascal to prolong his life.

His Spirit

-His attitude, his refusal to give up gave Pascal the strength to live. Despite treatment failures, Pascal never slipped into despair. He remained extraordinarily courageous.
-Golf helped Pascal direct his energy away from the disease and focus his mind. Although he excelled at the sport, it never held the same flame for him as BMX.
-Three years after the amputation of his leg and despite ongoing treatments, Pascal got back on his bike and surprised everyone with his skill, courage and determination.
-His passion for BMX surpassed his cancer:
“Riding allows me to stay positive and in the present. I completely forget about my illness"
“I firmly believe that having a passion is good for mental health. Regardless of the type of passion, the important thing is to focus your attention on something other than the illness." “My BMX video project was all that mattered. BMX was more important than my incurable cancer."

His Determination

-His will outweighed the pain and physical constraints, Pascal has received thousands of testimonials from people who have found in him a source of inspiration and motivation.
"I had to start from scratch and relearn each trick, one by one, like I was a beginner. I had never had so much joy relearning something that I did 100 times a day before my leg was amputated. "
- A renowned British magazine awarded him the coveted title Rider of the Year in 2019.

-Pascal died of sarcoma on July 7, 2020.

“I think my approach
and my attitude made
the big difference.”

Commemorative Mural at TAZ

The BMX Community, touched by Pascal’s story and his determination, pays tribute to him with the creation of this incredible wall mural at Le TAZ Skatepark in Montreal.

Pascal's family would like to thank everyone involved in this great project: Montreal artists, HEST1 and STARE, the Embassy MTL, Vans Canada, Le Sino store, Le TAZ Skatepark and Pierre Gauthier.

Official launch of the Fund Pascal T Lafontaine

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From the left : Jean-François Dupuis political attaché of Ms. Nathalie Roy, Minister of Culture and Communications, Dre Sophie Mottard orthopedist HMR, Pierrette Tétreault mother of Pascal T Lafontaine Caroline Apollon Université de Mtl, and Dr Jonathan Noujaim oncologist HMR.

Why a Fund?

Why a Fund Pascal T Lafontaine?

Today, very little research exists on sarcomas.

Due to their rarity, pharmaceutical companies have little interest investing in sarcoma research.

Extremely toxic chemotherapy treatments have not changed for 50 years.

Philanthropic donations are essential for the advancement of sarcoma research.



Sarcoma cancers affect mainly children and young adults.

Sarcoma cancers are very aggressive, require surgeries and sometimes amputations.

Sarcoma cancers are often asymptomatic and difficult to diagnose.

When the sarcoma recurs, there is no cure.

The average life expectancy of a person with metastatis sarcoma is one (1) year.

There are over 70 types of sarcoma; which makes their diagnosis, treatment and management complex.


The Goals of the Fund Pascal T Lafontaine

Improve sarcoma screening by providing training to primary care physicians.

Increase scientific knowledge and expertise in the field of sarcomas.

Support Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital (HMR) in its goal to become a renowned reference center for sarcomas.

All donations

All donations go to the sarcoma research team at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital (HMR)

How you can Help

How you can Help

Three Ways you Can Make a Difference


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All donations go to the sarcoma research team at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital (HMR)


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The Book "The Extra Mile"

“The Extra Mile” is a photographic memoire of Pascal's will and determination, by Pierre Gauthier.
Edition out of print

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